Photo editing software is a useful tool

When working on an image being able to manipulate the outcome as far as possible is a very useful thing, and tools that can help you do this are vital. I am not the biggest fan of artwork based wholly on computers, its cheep to generate, i use cheep here to mean that it cost less devotion to achieve a massive result mostly by watching a few tutorials. I would always promote the study of traditional arts before the computer, and then the use of programs such as adobe and other editing software as a toll to achieve effects and highlight key traits. Used in this way these software can give you a extra dimension of play in your work. Having the ability to make simple but drastic changes with one tool at the finial stages but without damaging the original work is a wonderfully fun moment at the end to a lot of work!
So i would encourage people to use photo editing, but not to abandon the traditional!






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