Finding Folk 2010-2011 sketches

These creatures are based on my own pets and those of my friends, with occasional holiday or zoo trips. They are coupled with the extra or lacking advantages i thought, as a child, that they would have benefited from. They are inspired by and live in a world of our historical and Mythical past and find there pleasure in mimicking our precent or future.

SheCat at play

SheCat at play

dip pen and brown/ red ink

This was my first friend discovered in my second year, when i began drawing she was only a doodle of a cat, then she began to develop extra features, such as arms, a tail that comes from her back and long sexual legs. I think she playfully  pokes fun at self image and beauty, how we perceive ourselves, i had been reading a lot of fashion articles and pretending that i could pull the looks off. She most likely comes from the fact that i should remind myself that beauty is relative. She appears grotesque in some ways and yet does not appear to notice and flaunts her long legs anyhow. Though i am not certain who or what the small figure is as yet.

Its Mine

dip pen, ink and watercolor

He is very possessive. When i created him i had just come home from visiting my dogs, to discover that my neighbors had been broken into. This made me so very paranoid and i became very possessive. He hates to give things to anyone they wont respect them and they are his. He is always alone and shows that being greedy and selfish does you no good. I don’t think he enjoys it.

The Brothers

Dip pen, ink and acrylic paint

The Brothers are devious and may not always be trusted, they use there cute face’s to worm there ways into peoples good graces and then have out with suspicious plans and devices. These two are based largely on my cats, one of whom has recently paced away so there is only one brother now, they used to play tricks on the local dogs of my village. One of them would lay themselves out accross the middle of a path, and wait. Meanwhile the other would hide behind a nearby tree or bush a little further back on the path. Once a dog or strange cat came down the path the first cat would leap at them then the other would dive out from behind a tree and the poor creature would be stuck there. I found many a poor dog stuck between these two.

The little people

PITT Artists pen, black

These little creatures, i know little about them save that they are not altogether trust worthy. they like to dance and enjoy the playful romping through forests. They are small and often dark. Their voices are like the rush of water and they enjoy all speaking at once then being as quiet as possible. I can remember as a child listening to the voices coming from a river, latter my parents told me it was only the water smashing rocks together, but i dreamt of small creatures down there and was afraid to return for week.


Graphite  Pencil

For a Vast amount of this year and the previous one i have been feeling lost, as though i am searching for something. Wandering is just that he feels lost and wants to just go home he’s very old and dodders along, i don’t think he’s sad just a little resined to the journey. He’s the most pleasant of  these folk. He watches things as he passes with interest and curiosity but will not be distracted by them, any who help him he views with kindness but may be likely to become furious with those that attempt to stop him.


Graphite pencil

He is Pure playfulness and enjoys nothing better than going and running around for hours. Frolic often forgets what’s important if he has found an interesting game or new place. He sometimes will wantonly ignore what needs to be done in order to play a new game and show off his skills. He can tier any Olympic runner out easily. He is based on my fist Dod Barney. Who would wish to play even when he was to tiered to walk. He would desperately flop over to you and fling a stick at your feet or nudge a ball closer.


Graphite pencil

Rhedeg is friends with frolic. Though not all the time there is a lot of competition here and often it ends in tears. When i was little there was this boy who i was always trying to beat. who could run faster who had the better things. We enjoyed each others company but there was always the jealousy lurking somewhere. Rhedeg is inspired by the memory of this boy but also of an old horse i new called Merlin. he was as black as midnight and pranced up and down his field if he thought someone was watching.



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